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Atech’s NeoVision glass blocks are 3 1/8” thick x 7.5” comparable to Pittsburgh Corning’s “Slim Line”. However ours are a little thicker, heavier, thereby with higher strength, higher insulation value and higher fire-rating value; manufactured to meet or exceed German’s Industrial Standard and with more patterns/designs. We also have many more clear and  COLOR patterns too than Pittsburgh Corning’s.

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The distinct differences  between Beaumont Vinyl Fence and other Brands are: NICER PROFILE DESIGN and with more STYLE SELECTIONS  for rails, posts and pickets so you can create more variety of designs to suite any job sites. Same as other major Brands, Beaumont Vinyl Fence is independently tested to meet or exceed  US’ ASTM 964-94 Standard and a Member of AFA.

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Atech’s “Gentle Expression” Vinyl Floor Tiles is a nice and attractive self-adhesive tile line made for residential use. Our tiles are beautiful, long lasting, and with over 20 patterns to choose from. The surface coating is textured but durable, easy to clean/wipe. Gentle Expression tiles are well liked for their reasonable prices compared to comparable quality tiles of other Brands in the market.

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